BC's Bad Driver of the Week - EW8989

Parking lots are a bit different. On one hand, they are private property but on the other the public is invited to use them so they qualify as a highway under the Motor Vehicle Act. This means that you must obey all the usual driving rules, including stopping at stop signs. This driver appears to feel that the bigger truck gets to go first, regardless of the stop sign.


Just an Observation

Decidedly agressive, and apparently unfamiliar with turn signals, too.

Something I notice about that parking lot - unlike many, the lines are well painted, and in the correct colour, just as it would be on the adjacent streets.  White paint for the stall markings as well as the nice fat stop lines, yellow for the two-way street delineation.

But like so many parking lots, the pavement-written STOP and stopline aren't all accompanied by a Stop Sign; so what appears to be designed as a 4-Way isn't clear, here.

Question for the MVA experts - can you make a vehicle stop, without a Stop Sign (except when exiting the parking lot or a laneway over a sidewalk, or at a Red Light)?


"traffic control device" means a sign, signal, line, meter, marking, space, barrier or device, not inconsistent with this Part, placed or erected by authority of the minister responsible for the administration of the Transportation Act , the council of a municipality or the governing body of a treaty first nation or a person authorized by any of them to exercise that authority;

Obeying traffic controls

125 Unless otherwise directed by a peace officer or a person authorized by a peace officer to direct traffic, every driver of a vehicle and every pedestrian must obey the instructions of an applicable traffic control device.


Great display of a BAD driver

Not only don't they stop, they don't even stay in their own lane or yield right of way, then drive in the oncoming lane as they turn left with no signal to top it all off.

That could have been a big fine with lots of points if caught and written up. Many drivers like this one in the video could rack up enough points to lose their license just in parking lots, and many do drive like this in parking lots, they feel because it's low speed it's not dangerous or no need to pay attention or have consideration for other drivers.

If traffic cameras were installed in parking lots that could issue tickets  & points, many bad drivers would soon be off the road and the extra income would be massive, at least until drivers realized that following the law applies in parking lots as well.


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