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VIDEO - Top 12 Tips for Defensive Driving

VideoMeet Nia, who presents her top 12 tips for defensive driving. The video runs for 4 minutes and 29 seconds and was funded by the US insurance firm Allstate as part of their Vehicle Vibes series.

VIDEO - 1936 Vintage Automobile Safety Film

Video IconThis vintage driver training film from Chevrolet compares safe driving to flying in military formation and encourages drivers to get "the airplane view" of what is going on around them in traffic. It is interesting to see the driving practices in the film that are not commented on and would never be accepted as proper driving behaviour today.

VIDEO - How to Correct a Skid

VideoA professional driver gives some important tips on how to recover from a skid from Ford Motor Company's Driving Skills for Life program. It is designed to help young drivers improve their skills in four key areas that are critical factors in more than 60% of teen vehicle crashes, hazard recognition, vehicle handling, space management and speed management.

VIDEO - Great Roads, Great Rides 2

VideoThe British Highways Agency has produced a 14 minute video titled "Great Roads, Great Rides 2." It is designed to put you on the bike, inside the helmet and close to the road, in order to teach you to identify hazards and 'read the road'. The rider in the video is Glenn Julian, a professional motorcyclist.

READING - Transport Canada Winter Driving

Transport Canada logoWinter driving can be dangerous but this handy and easy-to-read brochure, "Winter Driving" is full of great safety tips. It shows you what you should do to get your vehicle ready for winter, like adding snow tires, getting an emergency kit and checking your lights, brakes and battery.

Better Than Average Drivers

Driving School OK, hands up those of you who have taken formal driver training in the past five years and were not learning to drive for the first time. Heck, hands up everyone who has ever taken formal driver training after you first obtained your driver's licence. Perhaps I need glasses, but I don't see a forest of hands waving out there!

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