Information on specific vehicle equipment.

NEWS - Flashing Purple Lights for Funeral Processions

purple flashing lightIn the past a closely spaced procession of slow moving vehicles with headlights on in the daytime usually meant a funeral. Today's daytime running lights make it difficult to decide if a line of vehicles is a funeral procession or not. The lead and final official funeral vehicles may use a flashing purple light when in procession. An official vehicle is one that is owned by the funeral business.

Q&A - Vehicle Inspection Order Questions

Q&A ImageI am wondering if you could shed some light on my situation, I own a 1990 Nissan 240sx, that usually gets 1-3 VI's a year, usually box 1's but the occasional box 2.

Q&A - Tires Too Wide for Fenders

Q&A ImageQ: How far can a tire stick out from the fenders on a vehicle before it is a violation? The MVAR just says the tread area must be covered by the fender.

Special Trailer Tires

TireMost of the people on my RV forum have moved away from ST tires to LT tires. They claim these tires have a higher reserve load capacity, better construction and much lower failure rate. The failure rate of ST tires appears to be substantially higher. My tire guy says if I get pulled over by traffic enforcement I will be fined for illegal tires. Have you heard of this?

Q&A - Modifying a Vehicle

Q&A Imagei am wondering about the rules for vehicle modifications. there are many custom trucks and 4x4s of all sorts on the highway with big tires and lift kits. i would like to modify a vehicle building custom control arms "A" arms.

The Importance of Headlight Aim

Headlamp AimAfter 20 years of full time traffic policing you accumulate many memories. I was reminded of one on the weekend when a small pickup passed me by and I could see the bright patch from the right low beam headlight shining on the pavement about 3 meters in front of the vehicle. The memory concerns a driver who thought headlight aim was unimportant.

NEWS - Use of Alternative Traction Devices

MOTI BannerIn January 2011 CVSE announced that an alternative to conventional tire chains was now being allowed in British Columbia for commercial vehicles. The bulletin said that the use of pneumatic automatically deployed tire chains for commercial vehicles will fulfill the requirements of section 208 of the Motor Vehicle Act.

Q&A - Mudflaps, or the Lack of Them

Q&A ImageMy question is concerning mud flaps/spray difusers or the lack of them.

Why is it that there seems to be an over-abundance of vehicles that don't utilize them? The worst offenders are the "monster" trucks, but not limited to them, zero overhang vehicles such as Smart cars, as one example, also 'fling' debris straight into the air.

What Does M+S Mean?

Tiresmart TireOne would expect that the markings M+S or Mud and Snow on a tire would mean that it was designed for proper winter traction in all conditions. You might be surprised to find that it only defines a tire whose treads:

CASE LAW - Schurmann v Hoch

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Schurmann v Hoch arises from a collision that occurred at dusk in rainy weather. Mr. Schurmann was attempting to turn out of a parking lot onto the highway when he was struck by the vehicle Mr. Hoch (a GLP driver) was operating. Mr. Hoch had failed to turn on his headlights.

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