Information on specific vehicle equipment.

Q&A - Vehicle Inspection Order After 30 Days

Q&A ImageI was pulled over for no doors on my Jeep and i also had too much of my tires sticking out of the fenders. I was given an inspection order #2 and to have it done within 30 days. I did as the officer requested putting my doors on and bought wider fender flares.

Q&A - Headlight Colour

Q&A ImageI was just given a warning about my headlights . I recently installed a yellow protective film over my headlights and I was under the impression that all forward facing lights are to be white or amber . The only info I can find is for height and power . Any help would be great.

Q&A - Blinded by the Lights

Q&A ImageWould you research the legality of driving (especially at night) with more than two headlights on when on low beam ? I drive truck at night and more and more people are driving with four lights on and calling them low beam lights. They are very bright to oncoming traffic and these idiots WILL NOT turn them off !!!

Q&A - Improperly Equipped Motor Vehicle

Q&A ImageWould you please explain section 219(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act? My driver window gear stopped working on the Labour Day weekend (4 days ago) and I have not had time to get back to the dealer to have it repaired. The officer informed me that this is a safety issue if the vehicle ended up in the river I would be trapped.

Surge Brakes

Surge Brake"Oh yeah, I know the trailer brakes are working, I could feel them grabbing on the hill!" To me, this was almost as reliable as "The cheque's in the mail!" when it came to testing trailers with surge brakes at the roadside. This driver used the wrench I offered him to show me that there was no brake fluid in the master cylinder of the surge brake. Surprise!

Q&A - Notice and Order #2

Sherlock Holmes like graphicQUESTION: I was pulled over yesterday by a member of the police and issued a ticket and inspection order for illegal front window tint. I asked that I be able to remove the tint myself and then present the vehicle and notice to a peace officer.

Are Your Tires Worn Out?

Bald TirePlace two average adult feet side by side on a piece of paper and draw a box around their edges. The area of this box is about the same as the area of your tires in contact with the road on an average automobile. Tires are your only contact with the highway, and collisions result when that contact is lost.

Q&A - Mirrors

Q&A ImageIs this vehicle legal to drive with no drivers side mirror? The passenger side mirror is there, but the window is missing and replaced with plastic.

Over Wattage Headlight Bulbs

Low Beam Headlight PatternLast week's column on overdriving low beam headlights resulted in some interesting comments. Chief among them was the thought that this wasn't a problem because the driver had installed high wattage bulbs and now had more light to see with. Do you suppose that these drivers don't know this is a bad practice or just don't care about themselves and others who use the highway?

Should I Use Studded Winter Tires?

Tire StudsWhen I was posted to Fort St. John detachment, the decision was easy, our family car had four studded winter tires. Once I was transferred to Penticton, these tires went with the car when we traded it in and we used all season tires throughout the year.

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