Information on specific vehicle equipment.

Q&A - Chain Requirements

Q&A ImageHave all wheel drive and four wheel drive pickup new f150. Mud and snow rated tires. Does this truck require chains on all wheels when chain up signs are on. Truck can be switched from two wheel drive to these options. Are chains just needed for the rears?

READING - Lighting and Safe Driving

Arrive Alive LogoArrive Alive is South Africa's road safety awareness web site. The page titled Lighting and Safe Driving is an interesting read  as it explains a very complex subject in layman's terms. How our eyes work, what kind of light we see best by and how that affects our ability to drive safely when it is dark makes interesting reading. A link at the end of the article to Road Safety & the Importance of Clear Vision is also worth a visit.

Q&A - Noise & Motorcycle Mufflers

Q&A ImageI have a question regarding aftermarket motorcycle mufflers. What is the noise requirements or standards in BC for mufflers that are too loud and how should this be measured?

I actually heard one police officer say that any motorcycle muffler with a black coloured tip is illegal.

Backup and Docking Lights

Backup LightsAs is often the case, today's article comes from what I see around me as I drive. I was passed by a cube van with one white floodlight on the right rear illuminated. The driver of a truck tractor with no trailer pulled in front of him using the right lane and flashed his backup and docking lamps a few times.

VIEWPOINT - Problems with Headlights

SoapboxHave car headlights, beams, power, brightness gotten out of control in terms of what is allowed legally on the road, if there ever were any rules?

Are truck drivers and other cars, like SUV’s that sit high off the road aware of the power of their headlight on smaller cars due to the height of the car beams?

Deer Whistles - Keep Your Money in Your Pocket

Deer WhistlesYou may have seen them, a pair of small whistles that you attach to your vehicle to scare deer away and prevent collisions with them. The intent is for the movement of your vehicle to force air through them and produce sound, or ultrasound that keeps deer off the highway and safely out of your path. The answer hasn't changed from the first time I wrote about this in the 1990's, keep your money in your pocket, they don't work.

RESOURCE - Bendix Brake School

bendix logoDo you drive or service vehicles with air brake or electronic safety systems on board? The Bendix Brake School is a free resource that teaches how Bendix products work in these applications. While it is manufacturer specific, the information in general will apply to similar offerings by other companies. The material includes a complete airbrake training course whose interactive content includes quizzes and exams.

Q&A - Working Driver Side Window

Q&A ImageMy driver-side window seems to have went out-of-guide: it opens and closes with a bit of effort on the motor and help by hand; so it seems best to leave it closed for the moment.

Q&A - HID Conversion Problems

Q&A ImageI currently drive a 1998 jeep grand Cherokee and was pulled over and given a notice of order for a VI.

Q&A - Bumper and Headlamp Heights

Q&A ImageWith all the off-road looking trucks on the road, I would like to know if there is a law regarding the height of bumpers and head lights on all vehicles. Some of these seem extremely dangerous in the event of an accident. The bumpers are at window height for most cars and the lights are blinding to other drivers at night.

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