Impaired Driving

Information relating to impaired driving.

CASE LAW - Gilles v British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles)

BC Courts Coat of ArmsMr. Gilles is seeking to have the courts quash an adjudicator's decision and cancel the Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) issued to him after being stopped by police while driving on Bainbridge Avenue in Burnaby, B.C.

VIEWPOINT - IRP in the News, How Accurate are the Stories?

SoapboxJournalism or sensationalism? Are we interested in the facts or writing a story that grabs a reader emotionally and pulls the reader into forming an opinion based on emotion? Unfortunately, I think that this story by Mr.

Q&A - Can My Mother Get Her Car Back?

Q&A ImageMy brother 20 years old went out last night with some of his roommates, he had a drink or 2 and ended up doing something incredibly stupid. He's like the most responsible person I know, always lecturing me about school and how to plan for the future, helping me study and giving me study tips. He never goes out, stays home on the weekends and doesn't party.

VIEWPOINT - Mandatory Parking Lots for Bars

MegaphoneThoughts that make you go "hmmm..." This article by Eric de Place looks at civic government and the laws for the provision of parking at businesses. Why do they mandate parking at drinking establishments? Perhaps parking should be forbidden there, after all, we don't want people to drink and drive!

VIEWPOINT - 24 Hour Suspension Unfair to the Novice Driver

SoapboxIn the section 215 of the MVA, there is a “way out” for the driver being served the 24 hour suspension. The section 215(6) reads as follows:

CASE LAW - Giesbrecht v Superintendent of Motor Vehicles

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis is the first reported case that I have seen involving the new Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act. In this case Glenn Giesbrecht requests that the prohibition and fine imposed upon him by the IRP be set aside by the court after an unsuccessful review by an adjudicator with the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.

Q&A - Planning to be a Responsible Host

Counter Attack LogoI’m planning a Wedding Reception (Outdoor) for my nephew and his wife in Mid July. There will be about 200 people coming from all over BC, Alberta and Manitoba. I’d like to offer them some transportation with reference to “Drinking and Driving”. I’m sure most if not all my guests are responsible drivers but again I just want to be sure they have a safe ride home.

Q&A - Novice Driver Crashes, Then Drinks and is Suspended by Police

Q&A ImageI have a question and after reading some of your articles, you may be the one to clarify this for me. My son, who is a novice driver in GLP of BC, was in an accident here on Vancouver Island. He was the only one involved, going into the ditch but sustained a large 2" gash on his chin, right down to the bone.

Should Government Revise Our New Impaired Driving Program?

MegaphoneOur new impaired driving penalties appear to be getting the word out: drinking and driving is not acceptable here in B.C. If you do and are caught, it will be a long road to travel in order to restore your driving privileges. So be it, you knew that there could be consequences when you turned the key.

VIEWPOINT - Traffic Policing Priorities in Port Alice

SoapboxThe disposal of beer cans and bottles out of vehicle windows along the twenty mile stretch of road between the main highway cut off and the Port Alice mill is not only a sad commentary about the local transient population, but it also means that an immense amount of drinking and driving has been going on. This has been occurring for many years with no attempt at correction.

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