Highway lane use information.

Right Turns Over Cycle Lanes

Cycle Lane MarkingIt seems appropriate to write an article on cycling as we are in the middle of May 27 to 31, 2013 which is Bike to Work Week. A conversation that I had this week highlights a dangerous situation that is well worth discussing, vehicles making right turns across cycle lanes. Drivers may not understand the duties required of them by the lines painted on the roadway.

Bicycle Lanes, Signs and Markings

Bike Route SignA reader from Vancouver asked me where the rules came from for bicycle lanes and signs as they could not be found in the provincial driving manual, Learn to Drive Smart. Included in the e-mail was a link to the City of Vancouver's web site which showed a collection of signs and markings that are now in use on the city streets there. I didn't think that this was going to be a tough question!

RESEARCH - Evaluating Complete Streets

VTPI LogoThe Victoria Transport Policy Institute web site introduces the concept of Complete Streets. This term refers to roads designed to accommodate diverse modes, users and activities including walking, cycling, public transit, automobile, nearby businesses and residents. Such street design helps create more multi-modal transport systems and more livable communities. This report discusses reasons to implement complete streets and how it relates to other planning innovations.

CASE LAW - Fraser v Konnert

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis is a small claims case that appears to involve a bit of self appointed construction zone traffic policing by two motorists, some road rage  and a minor collision when a third vehicle tried to overtake and merge. One driver was intent on merging and one driver was intent on preventing the other from merging.

Q&A - Fail to Keep Right Collision

Double Solid Yellow LineI was issued a ticket two weeks after my accident for "failure to keep right." It was delivered to my home by two officers from the detachment in the city I live in. The officer that attended the accident scene was from a detachment equal distance away from the accident. Is it not his responsibility to deliver the ticket to me in person as he was the one who took my statement?

Q&A - Can't See The Lane Markings, do I Follow the Tracks?

Q&A ImageQUESTION: Just wondering....when the roads are snow covered and you can't see the painted lines but there are tracks worn in the snow and are not within the 'lanes' what are ther legal responsibilities and duties especially if one is in an accident because one person is in the 'lane' and the other is in the worn tracks.

Q&A - Two Lane Right Turns on a Red Light

Q&A ImageI have a question regarding the legality of double right turns on a red light. My questions is based on a specific intersection in Vancouver, where Dunbar meets 16th Ave.

CASE LAW - R v Dickson

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis Supreme Court case from 2003 is useful to illustrate two topics: lane splitting by motorcyclists is illegal in BC and traffic court justices may prohibit drivers based on a bad driving record and have the prohibition upheld by the higher courts.

Q&A - Changing Lanes After Turns at Intersections

Q&A ImageWhen I'm in the advance left turn lane, and I am on the green, entering a 2 lane roadway, how far do I have to drive before I can change into the right lane. I had a situation that a driver entering the right lane, from a right turn on red, became upset with me, when I changed from left to right, I was ahead, he was speeding and nearly hit the rear of my car.

VIEWPOINT - Maintain Your Proper Lane Position!

SoapboxI'm not sure if you have covered this in previous columns but two of my biggest peeves is people that can't maintain proper lane positioning and people that shave corners. This is extremely dangerous if the offending driver is coming into your lane and a friggin' nuisance when following behind someone that 'gets into the gravel" and spits it up. What happened to the drivers courtesy today?

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