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Q&A - Trial Adjourned, Can I Recover My Expenses?

Q&A ImageI am currently disputing a speeding ticket I received in Kelowna on a new section of Hwy 33 which was not properly / adequately signed. I live on Vancouver Island and went up to Kelowna for my hearing. Due to there being to many cases that day, mine did not even get up to bat.

My out of pocket expenses were $450 not including per diem / food.

Obscenities on Vehicles

Three MonkeysEvery so often I get asked to write about something that makes me pause and think for a moment. This article is one of those as the reader asked "Could you clarify what the law is in BC regarding offensive words, statements, illustrations etc. on vehicles in use on public roads? For example, I recently saw a truck advising anyone interested that the driver masturbates. Maybe there are no limits these days?"

Q&A - Golf Cars and Electric Wheelchairs on the Highways

Golf CartAs far as I am aware very few, if any, of the electric golf cars or electric sidewalk conveyances that cross or use our streets are neither licensed nor qualified to be licensed. They are therefore not insured for Liability nor Property damage by ICBC.

RESOURCE - Crown Counsel Policy Manual

BC LogoWe often wonder why the police don't charge drivers or seem to charge them with something that does not suit the driving crime. Keep in mind that in the case of a fatal or serious injury collision that it is not the police making the decision to charge the offending driver, it is Crown Counsel.

Q&A - Passenger Paying for Gas

Q&A ImageIf someone offers to help pay for the gas and they give you the money right away.

Could they sue you in the case of an accident?  If they pay at the end of the trip is that different?

What is the protocol for passengers paying for gas if there is a protocol?

Q&A - Vehicle Impound Periods

Q&A ImageMy question to you is, why was I charged for 9 days storage and my vehicle held for 8 days for a 7 day impoundment?

Driving in the Fog

Foggy HighwayI drove the Inland Island Highway from Campbell River southbound and I encountered heavy fog until approximately Parkville. Driving within my visible stopping distance meant going about 80 km/hr, less at times, with maybe 200 m of visibility. I was really surprised at the speed of drivers going past me, some I estimated at 130 km/hr plus. Many were pickups and SUVs.

READING - Using GPS to Monitor Employees

OIPC LogoThe Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has decided that the use of GPS by an employer, KONE and ThyssenKrupp Elevator, to keep track of their employees and company vehicles is allowable under current privacy legislation.

Q&A - Carrying Fuel Containers in Passenger Vehicles

Q&A ImageI see almost everyone these days bringing their own gas cans to fill up in the USA since they're being gouged royally at the pumps here. Are they allowed (legally) to transport these containers inside their trunk?

What is a Highway?

highwayMost people would describe a highway as a stretch of lined pavement that is meant to drive vehicles on, especially outside of municipal areas. This is a highway, but it is only a narrow part of the whole definition. The Transportation Act describes a highway, and the Motor Vehicle Act includes that description and expands it.

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