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Should I Use Studded Winter Tires?

Tire StudsWhen I was posted to Fort St. John detachment, the decision was easy, our family car had four studded winter tires. Once I was transferred to Penticton, these tires went with the car when we traded it in and we used all season tires throughout the year.

Vehicles Owned by Dead People

GhostIn the time that I have been writing this column I have accumulated many different topics. The requests have been varied, but I must admit, I never would have come up with this week's topic myself. A reader has asked about vehicles owned by dead people.

READING - A Citizen's Guide to Better Streets

Project for Public Spaces LogoWe strongly believe that now is the time to focus on changing the way that transportation planning is being conducted! Not only does every community have a network of roads and streets, but people in just about every community we have worked with for the last 34 years, have experienced problems related to their streets—parents feeling that their children can not walk or bike safely to school, older adults becoming housebound and lonely when they no longer drive, obesity rates rising because people have fewer places to walk—these are all reasons why we need to influence the ways that decisions about roads are made.

READING - Reducing Litter at Roadsides

NCHRP LogoPlease think twice before you toss that item out the window or fail to secure a load properly. Litter on our highways can cost as much as $500 per lane mile to clean up, causes damage to vehicles and might even result in an injury or fatal collision. This US report on reducing litter at roadsides contains Canadian content as well as experiences from other parts of the world.


READING - Global Status Report on Road Safety

WHO LogoThe Global Status Report on Road Safety reaffirms our understanding of road traffic fatalities as a global health and development problem. More than 1.2 million people die on the world's roads every year, and as many as 50 million others are injured. Over 90% or the deaths occur in low-income and middle-income countries.

The Sun Gets in Your Eyes

SunThis is a dangerous time of year for my morning commute. The sun is just above the horizon and in four locations I am looking directly into it while I drive. Even with my visor down and one hand up to block the reflection from the hood, it is still very difficult to see ahead of me.

READING - Pay as You Drive Insurance

Vehicle OdometerPay-As-You-Drive (PAYD) pricing means that a vehicle’s insurance premiums and registration fees are based directly on the amount it is driven. PAYD is an innovative, fair, cost-effective, easy way to increase transport system efficiency, providing many environmental, social, and health benefits.

RESOURCE - Transport Canada Recall Database

transport canada road logoHas the manufacturer of your vehicle issued a safety related recall? Transport Canada's Vehicle Recalls On-Line Database makes short work of answering this question for you. Simply enter the make, model and year of your vehicle and find out immediately if you should be concerned.

Right Hand Drive Vehicles in a Left Hand Drive World

right hand driveWould you kindly comment on the spate of right-hand-drive (RHD) vehicles that have appeared in B.C. recently? I have always been under the impression that imported vehicles had either to meet, or be modified to meet, Canadian standards before being licenced in Canada.

VINs, Keys and Thieves

VIN PlateWe have been getting some emails about thieves writing down the serial number from the car, then going to the garage, with a story of course, and getting a key made for your car. Could you write something on this and verify this statement is true. What can we do to stop this?

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