Traffic related news items.

NEWS - Cone Zone Campaign

The Cone Zone The roadside is a workplace for tens of thousands of BC workers every day. And every day their work puts them at risk of injury or death -- especially in spring and summer, when there are more roadside work zones. Drivers and their passengers passing through work zones face similar dangers.

NEWS - RV Trailers Get Longer

New BC LogoAccording to Compliance Circular 01-22 RV Trailers with 5th wheel hitch, with a GVW under 10,000 kg, may operate without permits at legal weight, up to an overall trailer length of 14.65 m not exceeding an overall combination length of 19.0 m.

NEWS - Electric Kick Scooter Trials

New BC LogoThe Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has updated their list of pilot projects in twelve BC municipalities to allow the use of electric kick scooters on streets. Designed to assess the safety of e-mobility as safe modes of personal transportation these projects must be enabled by municipal bylaws.

NEWS - Active Transportation Infrastructure Grants

New BC LogoThe province is offering Active Transportation infrastructure grants to local governments who apply for them prior to October 21, 2022. Up to two grants may be applied for as long as they meet the following criteria:

NEWS - Who is a BC Resident Under the Motor Vehicle Act

BC LogoEffective January 1, 2022 the provisions establishing British Columbia residency requirements for holding a driver's licence have changed. Section 24.1 MVA has been amended to redefine who is a resident of the province.

NEWS - Not on MY Street!

Stop SignIt's back to school time for students at Frank J. Ney Elementary School in Nanaimo and Nanaimo News Now is reporting conflicts between residents on Entwhisle Drive and Carriage Drive and the parents driving their children to the school. The residents do not want the parents to use "their" street to deliver children to school.

NEWS - BC Road Safety Strategy 2025

BC LogoRoadSafetyBC secured funding of $612,000 from Transport Canada's Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program for the BC Road Safety Revitalization Project. The project addresses address current and emerging road safety issues across the province, with wide-ranging and varied delivery locations.

NEWS - Mandatory Entry Level Training for Commercial Drivers

Truck Tractor and TrailerThe Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has announced that Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) will be required of applicants for a class 1 driver's licence commencing on October 18. 2021. B.C.’s program will exceed the minimum requirements set by the National Safety Code Standard for entry-level training of Class 1 drivers and will take at least 140 hours to complete.

NEWS - May 2020: Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

motorcycleThe province has proclaimed the month of May as motorcycle safety awareness month. Motorcyclists are directed to ICBC's All the Gear, All the Time advice and drivers are simply reminded to be aware and share the road with motorcycles.

NEWS - More Intersection Cameras

24/7 cameraOur provincial government has announced that all 35 intersections with speed cameras will be in full operation by spring of this year. First introduced in 2019 fifteen red light cameras with the added ability to check vehicle speeds were installed at high risk intersections.

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