Information related to the parking of vehicles.

Q&A - Are Parking Boots Legal in BC?

no parking signHello, I don't know if this is the correct place to find this out, or perhaps you could suggest where I could turn, but are parking boots legal in BC? I work for a BC college and we are constantly battling improper parking and as a small campus we do not charge for parking and thus have no enforcement. A suggestion was to buy and start using a parking boot for cars parked illegally or in an unsafe manner.

CASE LAW - Haughian v Jiwa

BC Courts Coat of ArmsIn this case, Kathleen Haughian was proceeding eastbound on Sunset Street east of Smith Avenue in Burnaby, B.C.  Sunset Street in this location consists of two lanes in each direction with angle parking on both sides. The angle parking is toward traffic on the north side and away from traffic on the south side.

Parallel Parking Courtesy

Parallel Parking Only Sign"I can't parallel park!" laments a reader. Although many of us have trouble with this aspect of driving, he didn't make this comment in the way you might think. "The other drivers won't stop to let me back in."

Q&A - Misuse of Emergency Vehicles

Q&A ImageI have a question relating to ambulances. When an ambulance is parked, not in a emergency situation, do they have the right to park anywhere they want to even though they are parked illegally??

Unsecured Vehicles

Lock CarIt is not uncommon to watch a vehicle pull up in the parking lot of a service station or convenience store and watch the driver get out and walk inside, leaving the vehicle unlocked, idling and unattended. What better opportunity for a car thief or joyrider can a person provide? Most people will say "I just went inside for a minute." Just a minute is more than a thief requires to leave you stranded. 

CASE LAW - R v Reid

BC Courts Coat of ArmsIn the case of R v Reid, Judge Lemiski examines an incident in which Reid was the driver of a motor vehicle that fatally injured a young boy in a parking lot. Reid parked her vehicle, failed to place the gear selector in park, and then mistook the gas for the brake, pinning the boy between her vehicle and a building.

CASE LAW - Scott v Erickson

BC Courts Coat of ArmsIn this case, Mr. Erickson had parked his truck on the wrong side of the road at night, leaving his headlights on high beam while he collected his mail from the community mailboxes there.

Ms. Scott approached and was unable to see properly because of the headlights. Thinking that she needed to remain to the right of the vehicle, she drove off the road, down an embankment and was injured.

Parked Vehicles and Snow Removal

Snowed in CarsThere's nothing like a bit of extreme weather to create problems for drivers. Usually it comes in the form of a collision but lately it stems from too much snow and the inability to park properly or to move a vehicle that was parked legally before the snow fell. Some leeway may be given but there is a point where it's time to get it moving or to try harder to park closer to the curb.

Eye Catching or Eyesore?

Scrap Car"Cash for Scrap Vehicles" reads the slogan spray painted on the side of a brightly coloured rust bucket parked precariously on the bank between a fence and the side street. It is visible from the main highway as you drive by and if you look carefully at it you can also see the telephone number to call to take advantage of the service.

Parking on the Wrong Side

Park Wrong SideHave you noticed the growing tendency of lazy drivers who are now crossing over oncoming lanes of traffic to stop in front of particular addresses? It used to be that I would happen to notice people parked facing the wrong way in front of houses but now a week doesn't go by where I come nearly face to face in a game of parking chicken with a driver who has decided to cross over the center line to stop in front of a house.

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