Information regarding passing other vehicles

CASE LAW - R v Gray DriveSmartBC

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of R v Gray arises from an incident that occurred on the highway near Round Lake, B.C. A police patrol that was southbound on the highway observed 3 vehicles abreast approaching. The highway was only two lanes wide for northbound traffic so the third vehicle was being driven between the widely spaced solid yellow lines marked in the center of four lanes.

Stopping for a School Bus

School BusAccording to the Association of School Transportation Services of British Columbia, travel by school bus is statistically the safest method of ground transportation in Canada and by a substantial margin. We all expect and demand nothing less when our children and grandchildren are riding those buses to and from schools and school related events. Surely all drivers should understand this and not hesitate to stop when the red lights on a stopped bus are flashing.

RESEARCH - Enforcement of Cycle Passing Distances

1.5m cycle passing gapCycling advocates in BC would like to see our government enact a safe passing distance law so that drivers are aware of how much space they must leave between their vehicle and the cycle as they drive by. Two US cities, Grand Rapids, Michigan and Knowville, Kentucky have such laws and were chosen by NHTSA for a study of how high visibility enforcement of the law influenced passing distances.

CASE LAW - Doyle v Hubick

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Doyle v Hubick takes place on Highway 99 known as the Sea to Sky Highway, 32 km south of Pemberton. Sandra Doyle and Darcy Hubick were driving southbound toward Whistler. Ms. Doyle was overtaking Mr. Hubick and decided to pass somewhere in the first half of a two lane passing area by moving to the left lane. Their vehicles collided where the two lanes merged at the end of the passing area.

Q&A - Can I Pass on the Right Here?

Q&A ImageQUESTION: It seems to be a regular occurrence on our single highway Gibsons / Sechelt community to use the bus stops on the right side of the highway as passing lanes for those cars queued up behind a car turning left. I have thought it illegal to do this, so I wait behind the left tuning vehicle until they clear the highway. I have been passed on the right often by several cars behind me, using the bus stop.

Q&A - Can You Park in a T Intersection?

Q&A ImageQUESTION: I live on a street where there is a T intersection. I'm wondering if it is OK to park in the top T portion of the intersection.

To complicate further - there is a curb let down (or curb ramp) on one leg of the T intersection. What is the distance required from the curb let down before a car can park? Is it 1.5 m (distance from driveway) or is it 6 m (distance from intersection)?

Passing on the Right

No Pass On RightQ: Can you do an article on cars passing on the right? Especially when you are at an intersection on a two lane road and making a left turn. I have had cars whiz by me on the right because they were too impatient to wait. Also I have been making a left turn before a cross walk and people have been crossing and cars go by on the right almost hitting the person in the cross walk.