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Information related to road maintenance activities.

Stay Out of the Cone Zone

The Cone ZoneWe are very fortunate here in British Columbia when it comes to workplace safety. In general, if our workplace is not safe, we feel entitled to apply pressure to our employers to make it so. If another person's workplace is not safe we wonder why someone is not doing something about it.

RESOURCE - Highway Maintenance Standards

Have you ever wondered if our B.C. provincial highways are being maintained to the proper standard?


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Road Worker Safety

road worker and barricadeMy job requires me to pull over and park for a short period of time on the freeway. There is sufficient space to pull off and I'm not obstructing a lane but I'm wondering what the regulations are in respect to signaling and signage.

Snow Removal Equipment

Snow Plow TruckWith all the snow stories on the news lately I wanted to touch on a topic that I had not done before, and that is how to behave around snow removal equipment when you encounter them on the highway. The information that follows was provided to me by Noel Mankey of Mainroad Holdings, one of British Columbia's road maintenance contractors:

Newly Painted Lines

wet paint line marking signWe've talked about road construction already this summer and that brings to mind the newly painted lines on our highways. There is nothing like a crisp, bright line on the pavement to guide the flow of traffic safely. That is, until a negligent motorist drives on top of it and tracks it all over the lanes.

Construction Zones

Construction Ahead SignSigns? I didn't see any signs! One wonders how a driver could possibly miss the series of orange three foot diamonds with attached flags flapping in the breeze beside the highway as they passed by, yet this is often what I heard when I stopped a motorist that has failed to obey them. Some drivers are so irate after being ticketed that they go back to make sure the signs are actually there!

Construction Zone Signs

Construction Ahead SignI was driving home after shift last week listening to the radio and enjoying the sunshine. The traffic report came on and in it was a cell phone call from a woman who had been stopped in the lineup for the highway construction on Highway 4 between Port Alberni and Parksville. She wondered if anyone knew what was going on.

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