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Information related to road safety programs.

WEBINAR - Steering Toward Safer Driving Behaviours

Road Safety at Work LogoFor some, a crash-free workplace seems like a highly desirable but nearly impossible dream. Other organizations and their employees recognize that a crash-free workplace is achievable and safe driving behaviours are how they work toward this goal. What tools, methods, and practices are they using to prevent crashes?

NEWS - Cone Zone Campaign

The Cone Zone The roadside is a workplace for tens of thousands of BC workers every day. And every day their work puts them at risk of injury or death -- especially in spring and summer, when there are more roadside work zones. Drivers and their passengers passing through work zones face similar dangers.

VISION ZERO - Driving as a Risk Factor

Vision Zero CanadaTodd Litman of the Victoria Transportation Policy Institute (VTPI) says that Vision Zero will require a change in the way driving risks are measured and future safety strategies are evaluated.

WEBINAR - Clearing the Way for Safer Winter Driving

Road Safety at Work LogoRoad Safety at Work is offering a free webinar on clearing the way for safer winter driving. The webinar will explain how winter road maintenance is conducted in B.C. and how supervisors and employees can do to assist in that process. Participants will also learn strategies to avoid the most dangerous winter road conditions.

PROJECT - BC Safe Routes Now

BC Cycling Coalition LogoThe BC Cycling Coalition is asking you to speak up for safe cycling and active transportation. The group would like you to help to realize the transportation future of BC—a complete transportation network suitable for people of all ages, abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds.

EVENT - Conducting Road Safety Risk Assessments

Road Safety at Work LogoRoad Safety at Work is hosting a free course on how to conduct a road safety risk assessment for your business. Their RiskCheck tool helps you produce an action plan to reduce driving-related risks.

RESOURCE - Walk Audit Tool Kit

Pedestrian CrossingWhile the Walk Audit Tool Kit is a publication of the AARP, it's not just for seniors. It teaches how to assess and report on the safety and walkability of a street, intersection or neighbourhood, hoping to inspire any needed changes. Anyone who walks can use information from the kit to do an audit.

NEWS - May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

MotorcycleSorry Mate, I Didn't See You! This is probably the biggest concern among motorcycle riders everywhere and with good reason. Last year in B.C., 1,600 motorcyclists were injured in 2,600 crashes. In addition, on average, 34 riders die in crashes each year on our roads. This is what a snapshot looks like today.

RESEARCH - Social Norming Used to Improve Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian CrossingThe City of St. Paul, Minnesota has created an innovative program to increase driver compliance with the requirement to yield to pedestrians at unsignalized marked crosswalks in the city. Prior to this initiative, The study initially observed 32% of drivers yielding and frequent multiple threat passing incidents.

RESOURCE - Walk, Roll, Map

Walk, Roll, Map is a crowdsourcing tool for mapping micro barriers to accessible walking and rolling. What is a micro barrier? Anything that makes it harder (or maybe even impossible!) to walk or roll safely or comfortably in your community. It might be a missing crosswalk, uneven payment, or unplowed snow. Whatever it is that is getting in your way, or missing (e.g. bench or washroom) we want to know what it is and where! Mappers can also report if they’ve been hit while walking or rolling, had a near miss, or a fall.

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