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ROAD SAFETY AT WORK - Assessing and Improving Employee Driving Skills

Road Safety at Work LogoHere is an important question for you as an employer: Do you know why it is important for you to know what driving skills and behaviours your employees have? The short answer is that you have a legal duty to insure that your employees are qualified to carry out their assigned driving tasks.

READING - Vision Zero Canadian Landscape 2.0: Successes and Opportunities

Vision Zero CanadaParachute Canada has released the eighth in a series of publications titled "Vision Zero Canadian Landscape 2.0: Successes and Opportunities." Pages 11 to 18 outline B.C.'s approach to Vision Zero and contains an interview with Colleen Hildebrandt, Outreach Manager, Road Safety Strategy, Policy & Strategic Initiatives Branch, RoadSafetyBC and Erin Anderson, Senior Manager, Road Safety Strategy and Stakeholder Relations, RoadSafetyBC.

ROAD SAFETY AT WORK - Preventing Work Related Crashes

Road Safety at Work LogoAccording to Road Safety at Work every year, on average, 19 workers are killed and 1,319 are injured and miss time from work due to motor vehicle crashes. Vehicles used for work are considered to be part of the workplace regardless of who owns the vehicle. This means that both the employer and the employee have a responsibility to be safe.

READING - The Safe Systems Approach

Vision Zero CanadaWe hear a lot about the Safe Systems Approach required by Vision Zero. An article in Transportation Talk, the newsletter of the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers by Neil Arason explains:

Intersection Watch

Stop SignOceanside Community Safety is a group of volunteers that want to make a difference. Their Traffic Watch program is an expansion of Speedwatch that now includes Cell Watch and Intersection Watch. Intersection Watch volunteers observe drivers at an intersection to check compliance with traffic laws and remind drivers of their obligations. The data collected is shared with the RCMP, ICBC and the public.

READING - A New Traffic Safety Paradigm

VTPI LogoThe Victoria Transport Policy Institute has released a document that recognizes the long term decline in traffic casualty rates is ending. According to the document's introduction "Crash rates have started to increase, indicating that current traffic safety strategies have fulfilled their potential. To achieve ambitious safety goals such as Road to Zero we need additional traffic safety strategies. This will require a paradigm shift, a change in the way traffic risks are measured and potential safety strategies are evaluated."

NEWS - Red Light Cameras Now Operating 24/7

24/7 cameraThe Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General has announced that effective at the end of July, 2018 all 140 intersection safety cameras in our province will be operational at all times. The Intersection Camera Safety Program has also increased its staff to review incidents and process additional tickets in a timely manner.

VIDEO - Systematic Safety: The Principles Behind Vision Zero

video iconThis video is an explanation of the Dutch Sustainable Safety policy by Peter Furth. It is the Dutch national approach to road safety.

REFERENCE - Road Safety Countermeasures That Work

Countermeasures That Work cover imageAt 437 pages, this is not a short reference document. Produced by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration, the publication is meant to be a basic reference for State Highway Safety Offices to help them select effective, evidence-based countermeasures for traffic safety problem areas:

RESOURCE - Save LIVES: a Road Safety Technical Package

According to the introduction, this package details key evidence-based measures identified by many of the world’s leading road safety experts and their agencies as those most likely to impact road traffic deaths and injuries in the short and long term. They relate to: speed management, infrastructure design, vehicle safety, laws and their enforcement, emergency post-crash care and leadership on road safety.

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