Information related to vehicle speed and speeding.

Q&A - Speeding Relative To Conditions

Q&A ImageIn mid July I was driving on a rural back road on Vancouver Island, heading into town to do a few personal errands. The vehicle I was driving was a 2008 Toyota Sienna van. On this particular day it was my second time driving the van, and I was still not used to the amount of steering input that was required to turn it, as I had been driving a Civic since I got my Learners License. 

READING - Road Speed: Health Impact and Counteractive Measures

This publication from the Institut national de santé publique du Québec examines the health impact when drivers fail to follow the speed limit. It also reviews counteractive measures and identifies the need to redefine a  comprehensive strategy aimed at reducing speed on Québec roads. With British Columbia reviewing speed limits this may be timely reading material.


Q&A - Being Paced by Police in Front of Me

Q&A ImageI was driving behind the RCMP Freeway Patrol officer, not realizing we were both driving the same speed (distance of my car and his car were constant) and also didn't realise he was a police officer as it was an unmarked vehicle. As soon as I realised he speeds up,  I continue at my speed and then he slows down to about 70KM/H and I slow down to 80KM/H and pass him on the left.

Q&A - Traffic Calming on Strata Properties

Q&A ImageI live in a Strata Complex in Coquitlam, road access to the homes is from a busy street.  Strata Complex roads are narrow and require drivers to drive <25k - the problem in the community is some drivers risky behaviour is a source of concern for many.  Safety measures have been investigated resulting in Speed bump installation, stop signs, etc.  What other choices are there for helping to educate the drivers w

Q&A - Let's Make a Deal for Excessive Speeding

Q&A ImageI was issued a speeding ticket a year ago for excessive speeding.  I was found travelling 125km/h in an 80km/h zone.  I disputed the ticket and last week was issued a court date.  I requested disclosure from the officer.  He stated as he is quite busy he would like to offer me 2 pleas.

1.  Plead guilty to regular speeding, pay $138 and receive 3 demerit points.

VIDEO - Mistakes

video iconMistakes is a campaign launched by the New Zealand Transport Agency that "encourages the audience to be conscious of other road users and to choose a safer speed that factors in the chance for human error." I fear that the current speed limit review here in British Columbia will be driven by "me" centered drivers who have little or no consideration for other road users. This campaign gives valid reasons to support careful consideration of other factors beyond better roads and better vehicles should result in higher speed limits.

Q&A - Excessive Speed on a Bridge

Q&A ImageI was stopped by a motorcycle officer over a 60kph bridge. I was going over the posted limit, and unaware of the "excessive speed" consequences. The officer claimed to have paced me and I was "pulling away from" him. I was asked initially how fast I thought I was going and ignorantly and mistakenly guessed "110".

Q&A - What's the Speed Limit When There Are No Signs?

Q&A ImageIs there a section under the highways laws that state in the absence of speed signage on a highway (ie a newly  constructed/upgraded section), a driver will use common sence to judge what a "safe" speed would be?

Q&A - Excessive Speeding

Q&A ImageIf I was driving @ 150 km/hr in a 110 zone is that considered excessive speed?  The definition I have found on line states that excessive speed is over 40 km/hr.  Was I ticketed correctly and if not do I have a claim for dismissal as I was charged with excessive speed and impounded?

VIEWPOINT - My Day in Traffic Court

SoapboxI've recently attended a dispute hearing for a speeding in a municipality charge (146(1))

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