Information related to turning a vehicle.

CASE LAW - Matharu v Gill

BC Courts Coat of ArmsWhen you turn right after stopping at an intersection, you are required to turn from a position close to the curb to a position close to the curb. Failing to do so properly could result in a side swipe collision if a vehicle is passing by in the left lane of the cross street. In the case of Matharu v Gill, Hardeep Matharu was travelling to work westbound on Nordell Way using the left hand lane. Balwant Gill had stopped at the sign on 88 Street and then turned right, after which the two vehicles collided. Each blamed the other for the collision, but Mr. Justice Butler found that Gill had turned wide and collided with Matharu.

Q&A - Left Turn Right of Way at T Intersection

Q&A ImageIn a T-shaped intersection with lights but no arrows, the through street is green both directions and the side street is red. A person is trying to turn left from the through street onto the side street. As well, another car is coming from the opposite direction wanting to turn right onto the same side street but has a yield sign in the turn lane.

Q&A - Left Turn from Wrong Lane

Q&A ImageSomething that I am seeing more frequently when leaving the Superstore here in Courtenay, and I wonder if you  are seeing it down your way. The link below shows the grey car in a left turning lane and when that driver receives the advanced left-turning signal, then turns onto Ryan Road heading toward the Island Hwy bypass. The lane to his right as you can see goes straight onto Sandwick Rd.

Q&A - Trapped! What Should I Do?

Q&A ImageSeveral weeks ago I followed two cars, already in a left turning lane, thinking turning left was only prohibited Monday through Friday up to 6:00 PM. While in the lane could see that it was Monday to Saturday, and I was in this lane on a Saturday prior to 6:00 PM.

What choices did I have!!

Q&A - Are we legally required to use flashers at a controlled left hand turn intersection?

Q&A ImageI often sit in a left hand turn controlled lane with 10 or more cars, all of us with our left turn indicators flashing away. We eventually drive through the left hand turn under the control of the left hand turn signal, still with our flashers clicking away.

Q&A - Who's At Fault After a Wide Turn Collision?

Q&A Imageso if I take a left turn onto say hastings which has three lanes I will obviously take right of center line or closest lane, other vehichle turning right does same thing and goes wide arc straight toward right of center bypassing the use of slow or center lane and we collide, whos fault?

Q&A - U-Turn Ticket Questions

Q&A ImageI was given a u turn ticket  under section 168 (b) (iv), on 104 avenue and 158 street in Surrey BC. You can get an idea of what this intersection looks like using google maps:

The Proper Position for Turning

Two Lane Left Turn Sign"Tell them that they need to be in the proper lane before they turn" says one reader. Equally important is the need to end up in the proper lane after the turn. Attention to detail here provides for a smooth flow of traffic and less chance of being involved in a collision.

Q&A - Left Turn on Yellow

Q&A ImageIs it within the Motor Vehicle Act to enter an intersection on a yellow light with the intent to turn left only if you stop first before entering the intersection?

Same question except you don't stop before you enter the intersection.

Q&A - Who Has The Right of Way?

Q&A ImageYou are traveling on Cliffe Avenue and going to turn right at 5th Street in Courtenay with the green turning arrow lit.  If there is a car turning left onto 5th Street (which you can only do at certain times of the day) who has the right of way - the person turning right with the green signal light or the person turning left but also with a green light?

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