Wild Animal Deaths Caused by Collisions

I drive the Inland Island Highway every morning & evening, as I am commuting between Buckley Bay and Parksville.

Yesterday driving home (northwards), I barely missed hitting a deer crossing from the side. (S)he was headed for the grassy meridian strip. Unfortunately, the deer was so spooked that (s)he just kept running full tilt into the oncoming traffic heading south. I witnessed the deer being hit, and I assure you, for someone who loves animals, it was not a pleasant sight. I think I will carry that image all my life of the deer being hit and then literally flying through the air. I pulled over and the vehicle that had hit the deer pulled over. The driver was able to pull the deer off to the side of the road, and he stood there for a very long time (feeling compassion and shock I have no doubt). There was nothing I could do – I couldn’t very well run across four lanes of traffic, and there are no places to turn around on that highway.

Interestingly, this morning what did I see but a (hopefully) dead deer on the highway – a fresh kill as the deer was completely intact. Within a few hours hundreds of cars will just drive over the body. It appeared that its neck had been broken.

The Department of Highways have planted the median strip and beside the shoulders with indigenous grasses – very thoughtful and very beautiful at this time of year. The grass is young, very green from all the rain, and not gone to seed yet. Unfortunately, however, this grass is extremely attractive to the hungry growing deer.

I hope you can convey to your readers that even if they have no feelings whatsoever about deer that it could be dangerous for them, their passengers, their vehicle and other drivers around them if they hit a deer. This time of year along the Inland Island Highway is a bad time for deer attempting to cross the highway.

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