READING - Monster Trucks on BC Highways?

Oversize TruckIt looks like driving is about to become very interesting on some BC highways. The Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) branch of the BC government has just announced oversize permit T-69A which will allow vehicles up to 5 meters in width to use certain portions of our highways. Remember that the average lane width on a current highway is about 3.65 meters. With this in mind, when one is traveling on a two lane highway where does that extra 1.35 meters of vehicle or load go? Into the oncoming lane? Over the shoulder? Either way, life is going to be very interesting for oncoming traffic, bicyclists and pedestrians in future! Yes, there is a requirement for lots of pilot vehicles and even flag persons on some bridges and on some narrow sections of highway, but out of sight is out of mind for some drivers.


Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Permit CVSE 1001

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