VIDEO - Sharing the Road With Heavy Trucks

video iconProfessional truck drivers offer motorists unique insights into the limits of tractor-trailers and what drivers can do to safely maneuver around large vehicles on the highway.


Keep Right Except to Pass

Sorry but I'm NOT impressed with these "professional" drivers in the left lane.  KEEP RIGHT was hammered into me when I got my Class A Chauffeur's licence .... that was 14 licences ago.

Yes, it's been in the BC MVA ever since then but rarely enforced.  Todd Stone got into it with a whole mess of additional wording recently but the basic concept was (and still is) based on courtesy.

Proper mirrors do not leave as massive blind spots as the video shows.  But quite right .... if you can't see the driver's face in the mirrors, he/she can't see you.  Personally, I never drive or ride beside a semi. Fall back or go a ways ahead but don't hold him/her up. If something unexpected happens, don't dive into hi/her escape route .... because it will get very crowded in a short time.

BTW - Have you ever been beside a heavy truck when a tire blows?  It'll put you into the next lane over or worse if you're on a motorcycle. 

Sharing the road with heavy trucks

I noticed the same thing. Telling drivers to pass on the left then show the driver cruising along in the left lane.

Is North America behind most of the rest of the world regarding safety features in trucks? Features installed in cars are now in commercial vehicles. Blind spot monitors, rear view cameras, lane departure, interactive cruise control, stability control are either optional or standard equipment. Anyone know if they are here?

Mirror adjustment

One thing I have noticed when doing driver improvement coaching is how many drivers have badly aimed mirrors that create a much bigger blind spot than necessary. For some reason, most truck mirrors are aimed so that half of the mirror is filled with your own trailer, effectively making a 6 inch wide mirror only 3 inches wide. You only need a sliver of your own trailer in your mirror as a reference point to ensure correct aim and then use the rest of the mirror for what it is needed for. I know what I look like, I don't need to see myself in my mirrors. I want them aimed at the unknown.

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