VIEWPOINT - Distracted Driving 963GPC

SoapboxI'm experimenting here, so bear with me please. Haven't found 'Bad Driver of the Week' or 'Videos' as a Topic headline, so I'll stick this here.

I got a Dashcam hooked up recently in my vehicle, and witnessed this pathetic performance on Rupert Street the other day.

The idiot behind the wheel isn't actually driving the car, so much as herding it ... there's no doubt in my mind that he (she?) is texting while driving; in order to take his eyes off the road for seconds at a time, he positions the vehicle ambiguously, steering by avoidance rather than aim much of the time; it's kind of horrifying, really.

See what you think of this!


bad drivers

Bad driver are everywhere on BC roads. Why not? -there is little education or regular messaging on the hazards of excessive speed, distracted or impaired driving. There is no funding for increased enforcement although  the number of drivers on BC roads increases weekly.

Good on you for taking the video! Shaming may be a modern form of education, like the Front page photo of the person on the Malahat who was removing his golf clubs ,as his car was about to be towed for excessive speed.

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