Q&A - Delinquent Dad Driving While Unlicenced

Q&A ImageIf a driver is operating a vehicle without a valid license as the license revoked by the court due to non payment of child support, has been reported to the police numerous times and a private investigator's report & video proving this why is that not sufficient for the police to fine or to take his vehicle, what do we have to do to stop him driving ,and what would the consequences be should he be involved in an accident?


Unlicenced is Unprotected

A condition of your contract of insurance is that you hold a valid driver's licence. No licence, no insurance coverage. Should you cause a collision, the insurance company could pay out to the wronged party and then sue you to recover what it paid. This could be a very expensive mistake.

As for the surveillance and the video, there is no reason that the driver could not be convicted for driving without a valid driver's licence as long as there is a commitment of the surveillance people to attend court as a witness. After being convicted once, the driver becomes a vehicle impound candidate for subsequent offences and police can impound the vehicle from private property.

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