VIDEO - @TranBC on Using Roundabouts

video iconFrom @TranBC: For a variety of situations, such as a considerable volume of traffic making left hand turns at an intersection or a significant history of collisions, a roundabout is a preferred choice rather than traditional intersections. If you don't have a lot of experience using roundabouts, they can appear a little intimidating at first, but we've got a few tips to make things easier.


I hate to complain!

But if that's the best the Minstry of Transportation and Infrastructure can come up with to explain Roundabout use, it's pretty sad.

Demonstrating the choices for going straight, or making a left turn at this one, now that would be a bit more useful ...


What a waste!

Sorry but I have to agree. What a waste of money.

There is really only one rule to using roundabouts. That is "Yield to traffic in the circle."

It doesn't mean stop, pick your nose, wait for a while ... it means YIELD.

But it is at a conflict with the norm of the vehicle on your right having the right of way. For the few that actually know this, to yield to someone on the left can be quite confusing, I suppose.

But properly used, roundabouts are far more efficient than controlled intersections. They are also safer and cheaper to build.

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