I Want the Park Ranger Fired for This!

I want the PARK RANGER that evicted my daughter and a large group of her friends from the Cultus Lake campsite they were partying at, knowing they were ALL DRUNK (except for TWO people!) FIRED!!! and he should be CHARGED with making them drive DRUNK!!! It was 11:00 at NIGHT, and they had to drive FOUR vehicles back to NORTH VANCOUVER!!!! and there were only TWO SOBER DRIVERS!!!

This piece of crap "park ranger" KNEW they were drunk, and even after my daughter PLEADED with him; BEGGED him to let them sober up first, he REFUSED and MADE THEM DRIVE ANYWAY!!

This happened last week, and I don't have the piece of crap's NAME, but my daughter has it on the "eviction notice" he gave her, and I will be letting EVERYONE know about this, and if I can sue the S.O.B I will! He should be FIRED and CHARGED!!!

Maybe the Ranger Isn't the Problem

I've been involved in evictions from provincial parks in past and between my experience and the information in this post I might infer that what started this whole situation is a collection of liquored up teenagers or young adults that didn't have the sense to be courteous to their neighbours at the campsite. The eviction generally does not occur until there has been at least one warning as well.

So, now we have a situation where there are two sober people shepherding a group of drunks and probably a bunch of nearby campers silently cheering the ranger on.

What should have been done is to have the sober people drive the vehicles out of the park after the camp was dismantled and the members of the group that didn't fit could leave on foot. Once out of the park, they didn't have to move any further and could have sobered up waiting for morning on the side of the road or used their cell phones to arrange for assistance from family or other sober individuals.

No one made these people drive, they chose to do so on their own, just the same way that they chose to put themselves in this situation to start with.

I'm sorry, but your attitude here is part of the problem. It looks to me like you have decided to place the blame on the ranger, not on the collection of drunks. It is their fault and you are enabling the behaviour. Of course this may not entirely be the case, but you did not include a description of any corrective action that you may have taken with your daughter to prevent this happening in the future.

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