Incredibale piece of technolagy

(ALPR)  Automatic Licence Plate Reader.

We got one in Cranbrook a few months back. If I was the officer with this new device,,,I would feel like a kid in a candy store,for the first time.

This new ALPR,,has got to be one of the BEST Inventions out there,the officer can now drive,without having to even look at your plate #,with a passing speed of 300kms an hour,and a 3000 an hour input of plate #,s,and it only issues an amber alert,(to the officer) on hits,,,all other plate #,s are simontanioslly Deleted.The Officer can now have thier full concentration on the road. How much better than that,can you get.

My Hats Off,,,to this Inventor

If you have,nt heard of it,,It,s worth the look.


Canadas Most Wanted

Watching the news tonight to find that this ALPR was a Key in aprehending Canadas most Wanted.Who can,t agree now this is a great piece of technology.

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