Penalty Dispute Mistake

Hi there, I got a distracted driving ticket last January while putting my phone into my bag at a stop light. I read the law in detail and recognized that I was in violation given that my phone was in my hand. However, I didn't use my phone in anyway and the officer who was walking through traffic catching people saw this, so issued me a ticket.

Given that I am not able to dispute the ticket based on the law that as is written, I wrote a letter justifying a request for reduction in the fine (following the steps outlined). I received a letter back with a hearing date...even though I requested not have one on the form.

I'm wondering how I should proceed. (On he hearing notice they also spelled my name wrong and put IRSL instead of IRSU as the detachment...which may be irrelevant, but I'm not sure).

Any advice is appreciated


Search spelling for the answer to your question about errors on the ticket.

The Violation Ticket Center should be able to help clear up the issue of having a hearing date set instead of processing the penalty dispute in writing.

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