Q&A - Vehicle Lift Kits

Q&A ImageIs it correct that the maximum a vehicles OEM height can be modified is 10cm either up or down?

Then why do we see trucks on the road that are obviously lifted more that 10cm? This obviously raises bumper heights and headlights well above the heights mandated in the Motor Vehicle Act, correct?

A very serious safety issue one would think? Why are these trucks allowed to be on the road? ICBC and the Police Forces of BC should be removing them from the road as they do not meet the Act.

ICBC, the Police Forces of BC, and the owners of these trucks are opening themselves up to huge liability if an accident occurs and injuries or death occurs due to the illegal vehicle height.



You are on the right track. Vehicles whose suspension heights have been altered by more than 10 cm, up or down, must undergo inspection at a designated inspection facility to make sure that the vehicle modifications have been done safely.

From the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations:


25.20 This Part applies to a vehicle that was

(b) altered by changes to its suspension height by more than 10 cm from the original basic specification of the vehicle manufacturer,

Limitation on operation

25.21 A person must not drive, operate or park a vehicle on a highway until it has been presented to a designated inspection facility and an approved certificate of mechanical condition in a form set by the director has been issued in respect of the vehicle by an authorized person.

The person inviting liability in the case of a vehicle that has not been inspected and passed is the owner, registered owner and driver of that vehicle.

Vehicle lift kits.

What is it with ICBC and the RCMP, for years now these vehicles with lift kits have been allowed on public roads and highways. I do see now that some have fender flares and splashguards but that still don't make them legal on the highways.  Not only do they throw water up onto their windshields that require them to run their wipers steady they throw it onto everyone around them making it worse than following a tractor trailer unit. Tires out past the fenders, no splash guards, headlights set way to high and even making things worse when they have aftermarket headlights and turn on the factory or aftermarket ? fog lights. There are many that have a light bar above their cab and these lights do not have covers on them which again is illegal. You can't tell the RCMP don't see these same vehicles, and yet I see more and more of these vehicles daily, my question is why? Someone has to drop the hammer on this  soon or we all know how many more of these units will be licensed on on our highways. I have heard of many that install these lift kits on their own and they have no trouble licensing them because no one checks to see if these SUVs and Pick-up trucks have had suspension changes.

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