Do I Have an ICBC Claim?

A relative was in her wheelchair in a transfer bus. The driver took the corner too fast and her wheelchair tipped over. Does she have an ICBC claim? There was no actual accident. Just the driver going too fast. Her chair was strapped in.


It is compulsory in BC to purchase third party liability insurance from ICBC.

"third party liability insurance coverage" means insurance against liability arising out of

(a) bodily injury to or the death of a person, or

(b) loss of or damage to property,

caused by a vehicle or the use or operation of a vehicle;

What you describe certainly seems to be bodily injury to a person through the operation of a vehicle. I would certainly report the issue to ICBC and make sure that the owner/operator of the transfer bus is aware of the incident.

This is the best that I can do for an answer as I am not familiar with civil law which is where this question comes from. You could also make use of Lawyer Referral for advice at an affordable price.

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