Insurance Caveat for Seniors

I am writing about a situation that I had recently that you might pass on to other parties.  My son who is 52 years of age asked me to trade vehicles for a weekend to go to the coast and that he might go across to Seattle to see his wife’s sister. This was ok by me cause he is a good driver and I trust him with any thing I have .But some thing I had read or heard made me think for a minute. So I took my policy  to my ICBC agent. And they asked me if he was a senior. I said no. And they said that if he  was’nt my insurance would void. In other words if he was it would be ok. It doesn't fit very good to tell your son that he cannot drive your vehicle. Any how I do believe that a lot of seniors out there should get this message because I believe a lot of them have people driving there vehicles that are not seniors.


This is a tidbit worth sharing and applies in many other cases as well. An example might be a vehicle insured for pleasure use only but used for business or to and from work. Your declared use must include all uses that you intend to put the vehicle to or there is a possibility that ICBC may deny a claim.

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