Standard Transmissions & Road Tests

I have only ever driven a standard my whole life, have heard some scary things about ICBC's rules regarding manual transmissions from friends. Apparently these things would fail me or make me lose marks on a road test:

  • engine breaking not being allowed (there is a difference between dropping to 2nd when you're going 90, and dropping to 2nd from 3rd slowing from 50 at a red light)
  • no revving past 3k (this one especially annoys me, for example my current car has optimal horsepower and torque at 3600, and every car is different)
  • "improper" shifting intervals (another one that really annoys me, as every standard is old one would need to sit in 2nd at 50kph, my new car sits at around 2800 in 3rd at 50)
  • lose marks if you use e-brake when stopped going uphill (while an experience standard driver doesn't need to do this, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this practice and it actually increases safety)

I should say that I love driving a standard and wish more people did! I feel it makes people a better drive as you are more aware of your vehicle and your environment and can't get distracted as easily!

I did my road test in a

I did my road test in a manual car. I learned on it I drove it I did the test on it. They didn't like the rolling stops at stop signs but other then that it was fine I wasn't jerk just drove and talked to them. I asked questions like So the sign says turn ahead and you said go straight if you don't say anything (it's a freaken trick) O well were screwed now and are turning since I can't get back over. She said they're not supposed to tell you to turn they want to see if you follow the road signs. At the start if I don't tell you go straight. So I merged over and went straight that's a big no no. That why i failed the first test sneaky buggers.

I find they go easy on manual tranmission allot more slack. Use the ebrake just drive like you normally would I did I didn't even lose points for it. The only thing was rolling to a stop and not really stopping.

Love Standards

And I agree,to a point you are more aware of of your vehical and enviroment,as you do have to pay a bit more attention.

Scary on road test? Unless it has changed,Try the class 1 road test,with an 18 speed transmission.Not only do you have to shift correctly,at the correct RPM,s,to match your road speed,you have to Double Clutch,Every Shift,or Fail the test.

And the use of the Emergancy break,on a hill,with a load,,,,Not Allowed,,or do I think even Nessasary if you are a proficent driver.

In a motor vehical,the E-brake is usually in the middle console,and usiing it in my opinion,is not only unnessasary(even on a hill) as it gives you one more distraction,and one more thing to go wrong.

The Scary part should,nt exist at all,as before you take your road test,you are gaining knowledge and practice,,and getting yourself proficent enough to take the road test in the first place. If scared,,KEEP PRACTICING.

I Will Ask

I've sent this to ICBC for an answer and will post it here when it arrives.

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