READING - Guidelines for the Development of Road Safety Master Plans

City of TshwaneThe City of Tshwane in South Africa has created a successful road safety plan and has generously shared their documentation of Guidelines for the Development of Road Safety Master Plans. This process could be applied equally well here in British Columbia. If you are part of a citizen's advisory committee for your municipality, this document is worth your time to read.

Tshwane is a city in transition and has a mix of established and historically disadvantaged areas. The disadvantaged areas are mainly situated to the north of the city. Since road safety in these areas was severely neglected in the past, the new municipality that came into being in 2000 was faced with the tremendous challenge of improving road safety and providing infrastructure in these areas. Fatality rates were high and the communities were discontented about the road safety situation.

The City of Tshwane acknowledged the problem and developed road safety master plans in collaboration with stakeholders and the community. The master plans mainly focused on the provision of engineering measures such as pedestrian bridges, walkways, raised pedestrian crossings, speed humps and loading facilities at schools, but due attention was also paid to education, awareness raising, law enforcement and evaluation.

The process has been found to be highly successful and has resulted in the City’s receiving a number of national and international awards. The process has now been implemented in all previously disadvantaged areas of the city and is being integrated in the established areas in the city. (Quoted from the executive summary of the document.)


Read the Guidelines for the Development of Road Safety Master Plans

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