RESEARCH - British Columbia Roadside Survey 2010

CCSA Logo"A random survey of drivers was conducted at pre-selected locations in British Columbia from Wednesday to Saturday nights in June 2010. The purpose was to collect information on the prevalence of alcohol and drug use among nighttime drivers. Those surveyed were asked to provide a voluntary breath sample to measure their alcohol use and an oral fluid sample to be tested subsequently for the presence of drugs." This information is from the summary of the document "Alcohol and Drug Use Among Drivers - British Columbia Roadside Survey 2010." One startling finding of the report is that drugs other than alcohol are now more commonly used by B.C. drivers and is more evenly distributed across the nights and times for the survey in contrast to alcohol which tended to be used on weekends. Clearly, recent legislation requiring drug impaired drivers to submit to examination by police trained as Drug Recognition Experts was urgently required.


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