BC Bad Driver of the Week - 224MLD

Here's something that you see fairly frequently at stop signs. The front driver stops correctly at the marked stop line and proceeds when safe. The second driver simply follows along without making a second stop in the proper position.

You do have to watch though, as some drivers stop too far into the intersection, leaving the second vehicle stopped in the proper position. When the first driver proceeds, so does the second.

This is not one of those instances.



OK, so I'll throw out a question for everybody!

Let's just suppose that you're a Driving Instructor.  Most of the time, pretty much all of the time, you're either teaching new drivers, or you're teaching somewhat experienced drivers from other jurisdictions; either way, the chances are that their primary goal is to obtain their license to drive solo in BC, be it Class 7 or Class 5.

So being as the behaviour demonstrated by the driver in the video is indeed fairly frequent - perhaps representative of the way a teenager's parent(s) drive, or many others who they have witnessed - then how do you convince them that actually stopping at a Stop sign, at the right location, is the way that they should be driving themselves?

how do you convince them

Unfortunately you can't always convince them, you can encourage them and give them all the reasons why they shouldn't do it this way, try to make them understand the benefits of being a defensive driver but you can't make them do anything. It's kind of like telling someone they shouldn't smoke or that they have a drinking problem, until they figure it out for themselves they won't change. Bad driving runs rampant in our society and until there is actually repercussions for this on a regular and constant basis I don't, unfortunately, see any improvement.

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