B.C.'s Bad Driver of the Week 3

Here's a driver that is not paying attention. He stops for the red light, but when the left turn arrow comes on for his direction and the truck on his right turns right on red, he decides that it's time to go and drives through the red shining brightly above his lane. Good thing that the left turn driver on the far side of the intersection is paying attention!


Good capture!

Happened to me once too when I was in the position of the cross-left-turner. I kept my wheels straight like you are supposed to until its clear, so nothing serious happened. Not sure if the driver even noticed that they ran a red light.

I think this is directly related to being distracted by electronics - drivers feel so ashamed and don't want to be caught - they get triggered by the slightest motion in the corner of their eye, like a left or a right turner, and don't even care for the light. Probably their biggest fear is to get honked at when the light does finally turn green.

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