Q&A - Recording the Public Driving on the Highway

Q&A ImageI have this cool little camera called a Go Pro, it is very tiny and you can attach it to anything you want (your surf board, mountain bike, car, etc.) It's waterproof and apparently bulletproof as well (not that I'll be needing that).

Anyway I've been driving around with it attached to the hood or roof of my car to get interesting driver point of view photos without actually having to take a photo while driving. (Trying to create some useful videos for the classroom driver education theory at the driving school)

But in doing so I am wondering how many privacy laws I'm breaking?! I realize I shouldn't post pics of people or their license plates on my blog. But what if I inadvertently capture a video of someone doing something blatantly illegal?

Could a police officer use that video to give the driver a ticket?

Just wondering. Driving in Vancouver every day I see a lot of "Interesting" driving, if you know what I mean.



This isn't a question that I dealt with much in traffic enforcement! However, I might direct you to my friend Dan who did exactly what you describe from the front seat of his truck tractor. His footage ended up on the Global TV Vancouver news at 6:00 more than once.

Video taken by a private individual in a public place such as our highways is not something that someone has a reasonable expectation of privacy from. As long as you are truthful and in context I would say that you have no fear leaving licence plates visible on your blog as they regularly appear in public newscasts.

Here is an article from the Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner dealing specifically with dash cam video.

As for evidence to support a charge for bad driving, yes, videos are useful as long as you are in traffic court with it to tell the who, what, where, when and why of taking it. I have an article on reporting bad driving to police here on this site.

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