Q&A - Where to Store Rescue Tools

Q&A ImageI recently purchased the "ResQMe" keychain rescue tool and a "LifeHammer" rescue tool. Both items perform the same functions (cut seat belt or break glass), however the LifeHammer claims to be able to break the windshield in an emergency.

The problem is I don't know where to store the LifeHammer. In an accident, everything inside the vehicle can get thrown around and I am trying to figure out the best place for it. There is a console between the bucket seats of our van, but it is not bolted to the floor, and I think it could be thrown around in an accident.

I got these items recently not only for our family safety, but also for assisting other person(s). We live in a rural area and last winter came upon a vehicle that had rolled into a ditch. Other people had stopped to assist and the passengers were not injured. We were able to help them exit the vehicle via the back doors.

The incident did get me thinking that these types of tools are a good idea to have on hand. For example, if a vehicle catches fire in an accident in a rural area and it becomes a matter of "life over limb", I would not want to be able to do something as simple as cut a seat belt in order to free myself, family or person in the other vehicle.



Yes, I can certainly understand why you would want these close to hand in an emergency! In fact, both should be within arms reach of the driver as you may not be able to move other than to reach with your arms after a collision. I looked at the web sites of both products that you mention and found that they do have mounting recommendations:

I hope that this is sufficient information to resolve your question.


Thank you for your response.

I checked the packaging for these items and the recommended mounting for the LifeHammer is roof, dash or console.  Mounting to an upholstered roof without bolting or welding seemed a bit insecure, and the dash mount doesn't seem practical either.  The LifeHammer does not shatter a windshield as I previously wrote.  It is for side window access, so I think I will put it in my vehicle tool kit for assistance purposes (I purchased it thinking it was a heavier, larger tool with different capabilities). 

The ResQMe keychain tool will be on my keychain.  However, I have decided to purchase two more and install one on the front passenger side and the other in the rear passenger area using a large clip ring.  I think it should be possible to put the key chain tool on the seat belt and not have it encumber the usage or function of the seat belt.  I think it makes sense to ensure that a passenger in the rear of the vehicle could have access to this tool in the event that the driver and front passenger were incapacitated in an accident.

Thank you again,






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