New Drivers, What do we Expect?

young driverNews item: Teen learner driver causes a head on crash that kills two other youths. Both GLP drivers involved were driving contrary to the conditions of their drivers licences and should not have been on other road. It's a tragedy, but should we be surprised?

Look around you the next time you are out on the highway. Do the adults out there provide a good example for our new drivers? I'm sorry to say that in my view most of them do not. Almost no one follows the speed limit and the rest of the rules hold until they become inconvenient.

"Haven't you got anything better to do?" or "You're nothing but a tax collector!" were sentiments that I heard many, many times in my traffic law enforcement career. Do you think that the children listening to this in the back seat got the idea that following the traffic rules was something that was a high priority?

I've written before about teaching youth to drive in an article titled "Perpetuating Mediocrity." Very few of us have the driving skills and knowledge necessary to teach new drivers completely. Parents with bad driving attitudes produce young drivers with bad attitudes and their matching driving histories tell that tale.

Should we really be surprised when the young drivers fail to follow the rules?

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Another great article that should raise some eyebrows. I sent my kids to Young Drivers courses as I did not want them to pick up any wrong habits. It seems to have worked as they have not had any serious accidents. I leave in plenty of time so I can get somewhere at the speed limit. I am alone though as everyone seems to hate anyone doing the posted speed. The highway has two lanes each way so it does not matter and I arrive alive.

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