Why did DriveABLE Fail Me?

I was recently told i could no longer drive after a driveable test and a road test.

I would like to know the areas i failed in. I have never had an accident, never had a ticket. I am an excellent driver.

This has completely shocked my family.

I have a few memory problems, however, I am an excellent driver..

I feel very upset about this. I was not allowed to use my own vehicle..I am 80 years old and have been driving the same vehicle without any problems for over 20 years.

I am a very anxious person, and when i was told i had to use the driver instructors vehicle i got nervous.

I do not drive anywhere other that 10 blocks to my daughters home..I would like to know why i failed, I do not want a random answer i want to know the areas i failed in.

I live on my own, independently, have no problems cooking, taking care of myself.

I feel very very violated. Do you not look at a driving record? I see countless idiots on the road who should not be on the road at all..I am 80 and am very depressed by this.

You just took away my freedom, and i would really like to know the exact reason i failed, not just a general answer.

I would like to know why the

I would like to know why the person being checked was not allowed to use their own car but was required to use a vehicle that presumably was unfamiliar to them. If I had to take a test in a vehicle I had not driven before, I'd want to have a practice run to familiarise myself with the size of the vehicle, position of mirrors, position and and sensitivity of the accelerator, brakes, steering and other controls. Coping with the stress of being tested is bad enough without adding the stress of driving a different vehicle you don't know. We might not have the full story but the poster doesn't report being given a road test more than once as a comment suggests is what happens. And the poster does not know why they were failed. We don't know for sure but there could be something wrong here.

I am empathetic.

However, you must realize that any driving test is based, not on how long or successfully you have been driving previously, but how you are driving today (or, at least, when you did the test).

I have worked as an ICBC Driver Examiner.  I have also worked as a DriveABLE assessment officer.  They use different criteria, as the determinant factor; you elected to pay the money and go through the DriveABLE alternative - this is largely based on cognitive function, rather than essential Vehicle Control & Regulation Knowledge.

Incidentally, the Class 5 Seniors Examination that ICBC use these days is much softer in the way that it is marked than the tests used for new drivers, or experienced drivers who have a license from a non-reciprocal jurisdiction.  They also allow you three tries at it.

We all - every one of us - will reach a point where one of two things will happen.  Either, we die, or we become incompetent (due to physical or mental issues) to drive safely any more.  And you know what - the last person to realize, in the latter case, that they should not be driving any more is the driver themselves.

So be proud of your excellent record, go into your local ICBC office and they will swap your license for a BC Identification Card at no charge.  Or, if you want, you can try to fight this issue through argument and so on with ICBC and or the Superintdent aka Road Safe BC.  Perhaps they will allow you an alternate method of evaluation.

But you must understand that how well you have driven up to now is irrelevant. It is how you may drive (if allowed) in the future that is the concern, (shared by your physician incidentally).  It is about how much of a risk you are likely to be to yourself and everybody else in the future.  Accept this gracefully would be my advice.

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