SIMARD Test Can Be Unintentionally Unfair

I'm wondering why the SIMARD test asks people to name 30 items found in a supermarket.

I know you think everyone shops in a supermarket, but I can tell you that certain ethnic European men who immigrated to this country of the age 80 and over have rarely shopped in a supermarket. It is their wives who do it.

So I think this is rather unfair to them.

Could the test be altered somehow to give the client the option of selecting a supermarket or say - a tool shop or hardware store? I know several men in my community who failed this part of the test because they couldn't do it, but could list off 30 tools and hardware supplies with no problem.


This is very interesting, and something that I would not have considered as I regularly shop on my own.

The main SIMARD-MD web site does have a feedback form and I used it to pose your question. When I hear back from them, I will post the response here.

No Response

There was no response to my request.

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