HERGOTT LAW - It's Yours, Not The Ice's Fault

Hergott Law logoPaul examines the case of Tran v Edbrooke where the law governing slippery roads is the subject in deciding liability for a collision. A driver is required to slow down enough that they won't slide if the roads are slippery and if slowing down won't be enough to prevent sliding, then the driver must choose another way to reach their destination.



Road Conditons

"There is no such thing as an accident someone screwed up." One of my fathers famous sayings that use to drive me nuts as a kid but the outcome was both my brother and I have managed to put 68 and 72 years behind the wheel accident free and still going. In my brothers case he did 62 years as a professional driver starting with log hauling as a kid and ending as a long haul driver primarily on oversized loads.

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