Construction Zones

Construction Ahead SignSigns? I didn't see any signs! One wonders how a driver could possibly miss the series of orange three foot diamonds with attached flags flapping in the breeze beside the highway as they passed by, yet this is often what I heard when I stopped a motorist that has failed to obey them. Some drivers are so irate after being ticketed that they go back to make sure the signs are actually there!

I usually write on this subject each year at the start of the road construction season. I appeal to drivers to slow down, putting themselves in the worker's place at the roadside. Would you like to have a vehicle whiz by you a foot or two away at significant speeds? Not likely!

I am also careful to point out that flag people and construction workers are hit by errant drivers in B.C. every year, despite all the traffic controls put in place to guide everyone by safely.

I even measured a construction zone one year and calculated that it cost drivers a total of 74 seconds to slow to the construction zone speed limit as opposed to what was posted before construction started. The only drivers who come to mind for me where 74 seconds are critical are those that drive an ambulance or fire apparatus.

Perhaps if violators were sentenced to be a flag person for a day to experience the abuse and close calls, they might be a little more inclined to slow down and pay attention.

To those of you who do put safety ahead of convenience, I am sure that the people who are improving the roads for your use would like to say "thank you!"


Section 138 MVA - Work in Progress

Section 139 MVA - Erection of Speed Signs

Section 140 MVA - Obedience to Speed Signs

Section 141 MVA - Obeying Flagperson

Section 142 MVA - Removal of Temporary Sign

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