Newly Painted Lines

wet paint line marking signWe've talked about road construction already this summer and that brings to mind the newly painted lines on our highways. There is nothing like a crisp, bright line on the pavement to guide the flow of traffic safely. That is, until a negligent motorist drives on top of it and tracks it all over the lanes.

The large orange diamond sign at the beginning of the area where the paint truck is working shows a picture of a traffic cone and the advice that the cones indicate a freshly painted line. It is accompanied by lane control signs that indicate the path that the traffic is required to travel through the zone. When I worked a freshly painted zone it was quickly obvious that drivers either didn't understand or didn't care what was required of them. They were happily slaloming through the cones and couldn't understand why they were being stopped.

The lines are dry! It doesn't matter now, does it? Well, yes it does. Until the crews remove the cones, you must not drive over a newly painted line or marking, wet or dry. $109 and two points is the price required of those who are ticketed for this improper driving behaviour.

There is one thought that I would like to express again, and that is to slow down and be careful around the vehicles and workers involved in this task. They would like to go home to their families safe and sound after a day of maintaining the highway for your driving needs.


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