READING - Richfield Sweet Streets

Road ConstructionRichfield is a suburb of the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2013 it enacted a complete streets policy that became "Richfield Sweet Streets." It incorporates a hierarchy in which users are prioritized differently in road redesign and reconstruction and relies on extensive community engagement, aiming to improve outcomes for individuals and the community as a whole.

Researcher Jerry Zhirong Zhao looked at the question of How Do Complete Streets Matter for Communities?

The group he worked with to answer the question looked at four main areas:

  • User Experience and Livability
  • Economic Vitality
  • Individual and Community Health
  • Transportation and Safety

One of the key findings is that residents are still adjusting to the changes in street design today. They continue to be confused by roundabouts.

The balance of the report is equivocal about the benefits of complete streets and suggests further research to determine their value.


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