ROADSENSE TIPS - Roundabouts

ICBC LogoEver wondered how to use a roundabout safely? With more and more of these traffic facilitating intersections being built in British Columbia it is likely that you will be using one in the near future if you aren't already. Knowing what is expected of you before you arrive at a roundabout is the surest way of navigating one safely!


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Wonderful in theory, great where there are only single lanes leading into the roundabout and not too much traffic using those lanes. In the Uk where these traffic flow islands have been in use for many years a great number of them now have traffic signal to ease the flow of vehicles into the roundabout flow because of the amount of accidents that were happening because of frustration on the part of the people using them.
Also the drivers that rush up to try to beat a traffic signal light just before the change to red will also be the same driver that will take chances to beat another vehicle that is already using the roundabout and has the right of way.

If these supposedly "traffic calming" devices were installed on dual lane highways that carried a very heavy vehicle load then there will be even more irate drivers who find that they cannot enter into the traffic flow. Now they become not "traffic calming" but "driver maddening" and so more chances are taken and the end result is more accidents.
The other device for slowing traffic is a "traffic circle" which I have seen drivers just simply ignore and drive straight across the middle of them.

Better driver education and maybe harder tests before a driving license is issued

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