Moveable Medians

I am a resident of West Kelowna.

In the past I had lived in San Diego where there is a Five Lane Bridge that connects the City of San Diego with the island of Coronado. The Coronado Bridge is unique because it uses a moveable median to allow for three lanes depending on the demand.

Years ago I had contacted the Minister of Highways Kevin Falcon. I asked him was there ever any studies done on the Coronado Bridge since the William R. Bennett Bridge has the same number of lanes. His answer was no. In addition, he added that if this moveable median was used it could not work since there is a two lane advance left turn lanes entering the City of Kelowna on Abbott.

To think of the cost of just the STUDIES for a second crossing or the proposed option of elevated "Express Lanes" over Highway 97 through Kelowna. Imagine the cost if one of these options was actually built. If the reason why the moveable median is not even considered is because we need to supply two lanes two exit into the City at the first possible intersection even though there are FIVE possible left turn opportunities from Abbott to Gordon has to make you shake your head, especially if you are one of the drivers that waits 45 minutes to an hour coming into Kelowna every morning.

There are several youtube videos and articles available on the internet/

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