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I live close to 12th Avenue in Vancouver. Vehicles drive above speed limit most of the time on this busy 4-lane street and often jumped light. I would like to know what the process is to request the setup of an electronic speed-meter (at least temporarily, as prevention/information), through the City/VPD/DriveSmart(?). Or even the VSB since there is a school at the corner of St-George and 12th and speeding puts children at risk. In addition, is there a procedure for neighbours to request speed-checks from VPD on some portion of the avenue?

I actually live on 12th ave

I actually live on 12th ave not more than 2 minutes from said location. 

From Main-Prince Albert ish 12th ave is the most narrow 4 lane (2 each way) street in all of Vancouver.

Ive actually broken my passenger mirror on the tree branches that encroach onto the right lane. There is hardly enough room for the trees, let alone a speed warning. Follow behind a large box truck and you'll see how incredibly narrow it is.

I personally really dislike the light where the school is, too many people trying to make the left turn last second causing everyone behind them to swerve into the right lane. This area is not a speed limited school zone so people won't slow down. The VPD are busy on Granville and Oak street catching people going 75+ in a 50 zone. Yes, there are schools on both those streets too. That speed simply not possible on that stretch of 12th ave.

City of Vancouver

The agency responsible here would be the City of Vancouver. ICBC might be interested as well as part of loss prevention.

The City has a Traffic section on it's web site that talks about keeping streets safe and sustainable. It does talk about traffic calming and safety, but the stated priority is residential streets near schools and parks.

Of interest is a letter in response to a FIPPA request for speed information on the Granville Street bridge. The letter says that the city does not have any related documents, few calls are received about speeding and when they are it is generally about residential areas.

In this case, the Vancouver Police Department and it's Traffic Section is truly part of the City of Vancouver's road safety programs. The closest that they offer to your request is Speedwatch.

IRSU also operates within the city. Their contact information is on the GVIRSU page. Their mandate is strictly traffic rule enforcement.

Good luck with your quest.

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