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CASE LAW - Ormiston v ICBC

... deciding the liability in this case is the examination of passing on the right, both by a vehicle driver and a cyclist. In general, passing on the right is forbidden in British Columbia and Mr. Ormiston was ...

DriveSmartBC - 2020/07/19 - 12:34 - 7 comments

CASE LAW - R v Cram

... and stopped him, issuing a traffic ticket for illegally passing on the right. A judicial justice convicted Mr. Cram of the offence ... What a doozie! Cops rarely (480 times in 2014) ticket for passing on the right, yet it happens all the friggin time! But in this case it ...

DriveSmartBC - 2020/07/19 - 12:34 - 3 comments

CASE LAW - R v Khan

... of two through streets. Frances.P, has interpreted passing on the right, incorrectly, as many do. "And of course you don't ... at an intersection to permit a pedestrian to cross". "Passing on the Right" is regulated in Section 158 of the Motor Vehicle Act, and ...

DriveSmartBC - 2020/07/19 - 12:34 - 6 comments

CASE LAW - Ilett v Buckley

... of section 158 of the Motor Vehicle Act . This made passing on the right by Mr. Ilett illegal. However, she also found that Ms. ...

DriveSmartBC - 2021/01/20 - 08:00 - 6 comments

CASE LAW - R v Dickson

... Mr. Dickson was stopped and issued a traffic ticket for passing on the right which he disputed. His Worship Almond found him guilty, ...

DriveSmartBC - 2020/07/19 - 12:34 - 0 comments

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