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Ticket Fallacies

... bound by the law to impose the higher penalty. shaded area of the ticket  You mention the clause "shaded areas of this ... thanks a lot for the advice! Sorry.... It's in the shaded area of the ticket. If that is the only error, you have no useful avenue ...

DriveSmartBC - 2020/07/24 - 08:01 - 17 comments

Q&A - Wrong Vehicle Description on Ticket

... even though my husband signed the ticket? The Shaded Area This kind of mistake is not immediately fatal to the ticket. If ...

Anonymous - 2019/09/17 - 11:16 - 1 comment

"Fail to obey traffic sign" Dispute Options

... N/A is immaterial to this, use site search and look for shaded area for an explanation of that. It is possible to offer to plead ...

Anonymous - 2019/09/30 - 11:05 - 3 comments

Q&A - Serving an Amended Traffic Ticket

... required amendments to be correct that was not part of the shaded area, is there a requirement for the same proof of service as serving ...

DriveSmartBC - 2019/10/05 - 20:57 - 1 comment

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