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Q&A - Noise From Vehicles

What amount of noise is allowed to come from a motorcycle? Does the same limit apply to cars? ... opinion of an inspector as to whether the engine and exhaust noise is greater than that made by other vehicles in good condition of ... displacement or compression ratio shall determine whether exhaust gases are expelled with excessive noise." Many owners of noisy ...

Anonymous - 2019/09/12 - 10:21 - 1 comment

Q&A - Noise & Motorcycle Mufflers

... regarding aftermarket motorcycle mufflers. What is the noise requirements or standards in BC for mufflers that are too loud and how ... motorcycle and hold the sound metre a foot away from the exhaust the reading I would get will be higher than if I turned around and held ...

Anonymous - 2019/09/13 - 11:19 - 3 comments

Q&A - Are Police Qualified to Decide on Noisy Exhausts?

... that seems to critical in determining whether the vehicle exhaust is too noisy. So it would be great if a police officer could issue ... of an inspector as to whether the engine and exhaust noise is greater than that made by other vehicles in good condition of ...

DriveSmartBC - 2019/10/14 - 16:40 - 1 comment

Q&A - Vehicle Noise, Speeding and Lack of Effective Policing

... Along with the speeding problem, we have a serious exhaust noise problem from many vehicles that effects us more so in the evening and ...

DriveSmartBC - 2017/11/12 - 23:44 - 3 comments

Motorcycle Mufflers

... that had a decibel meter of their own. Having a loud exhaust to some riders is a lifestyle issue. Regardless of the action that the ... from Kelowna Recently, the City of Edmonton passed a noise by-law targeting loud motorcycles, after three years of extensive ...

DriveSmartBC - 2020/07/21 - 15:00 - 2 comments

Q&A - This Citizen is Frustrated

... especially as the warmer weather arrives. The city has noise bylaw and other laws under the Highway Traffic Act that were written as ... about offending vehicles with aftermarket and faulty exhaust systems, and each and every one is still driving around annoying and ...

DriveSmartBC - 2017/11/12 - 23:43 - 3 comments

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

... shoulder of the highway. These bikes also have real noisy exhaust systems that make it even more annoying when they ride through your ... back, nothing is done, and yes they are out daily with noise and a heavy throttle.   Perspective? I wonder if cavemen ...

DriveSmartBC - 2017/11/12 - 23:51 - 3 comments

Q&A - Why Aren't the Police Enforcing Traffic Laws?

... of the same problems in regards to bad driving habits, noise and aggressive driving. Everyone also states that the reason that it is ... concerns. People are being constantly disturbed by noisy exhaust systems which have become ever so popular on many vehicles, this should ...

DriveSmartBC - 2017/11/12 - 23:44 - 2 comments

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