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vehicle parkingAccording to Reinventing Parking, our cars sit idle for 95% of their lives. This means that we need a proper place to store them when they are not being used. The nature of the demand for parking spaces has created a collection of rules and defines the urgency for their enforcement.

Parking Lots are Hazardous Places

Backing UpI had a bit of a scare the other day when I tried to back out of a space in a busy parking lot. There was a large van beside me blocking my view so I scanned as completely as I could and began to let up on the clutch. No sooner had I started to roll than a woman paying more attention to her smart phone than where she was walking appeared from behind the van. We both slammed on the brakes and after looking at each other for a moment, she continued on her way.

CASE LAW - Mullens v Toor

BC Courts Coat of ArmsAnna Mullens was driving eastbound in the left lane of 64th Avenue in Surrey, B.C. As she neared 132 Street her vehicle was struck on the right side by a vehicle driven by Darshan Toor when he exited the Fruiticana parking lot. Mr. Toor explained that he was invited to exit the parking lot by the driver of a van that had stopped in the curb lane.

Q&A - Too Close to a Stop Sign?

no parking signMy husband was parked on the street and was 8 metres and a bit away from the stop sign, just to the right of the gravel patch shown below. A tow truck was about to tow the car when my husband went to rectify the situation. There was still 2 feet between the car and the 8 meter mark. So he moved his car back a little more just that everyone is happy.

The Woes of Parking in the Wrong Place at the Mall

Tow TruckImagine leaving your vehicle in the parking lot at the local strip mall, walking over to a business to conduct your shopping and discovering that it is no longer where you had left it when you return about 15 minutes later. My first thought would be that my vehicle had been stolen. This was not the case for a lady from Kelowna though. She had parked in stalls designated by a sign for one business and done her shopping at another. Her vehicle had been towed and she was now facing a significant towing bill and the inconvenience of recovering her vehicle which was now stored about 4 km away.

Q&A - Angle Parking in a Cul de Sac

Angle parking signI live in a cul de sac and I have always parallel parked on the street in front of my home. My neighbour is insisting I angle park so that it will allow an additional parking space in front. In my opinion angle parking would be contrary to section 190 of the Motor Vehicle Act. Am I correct or can we angle park in the cul de sac?

Q&A - Towed From Business Parking Lot

Q&A ImageI was recently towed from a business lot in Kelowna and my car was impounded. The lot is quite large and services multiple businesses. There are no signs when you enter the lot to indicate that it is a private lot.

Q&A - Parking Too Close to a Crosswalk

Q&A ImageHow do you figure out exactly where to park at an unmarked intersection where the curb provides access to a wheelchair. What is the 'approach side' of such? What is a fail proof that you are in a safe distance? People here are getting ticketed from right to left every day.

Q&A - Imperial Parking Ticket

Q&A ImageI took my brother who holds a valid handicap parking pass to his eye care appointment at 550 W.

Q&A - Passenger Zones in Victoria

no parking signI received 5 parking tickets about 2 hours apart each on a work day right outside of my apartment. It is a quiet residential area, and I parked at the curbside where it stated residential parking. I was told by my building manager that it is okay to park there. What I found strange is a section cutoff by a very simple sign states Passenger zone. I have seen my neighbours park there and not got ticketed.

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